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Grain-Free Granola Recipe – Gluten-Free

Do you love granola but are looking for a recipe without grains and sugars? Try our grain-free granola recipe! This healthy recipe is loaded with healthy fats and proteins — plus, it tastes great! The raw nuts and seeds in gluten-free granola helps to boost your energy levels and keep you feeling full. Serve our

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Avocado & Spinach Smoothie – Healthy Green Shake Recipe

Naturally green and ultra-creamy, this avocado and spinach smoothie is sure to be your family’s year-round favorite. This healthy green shake features peppermint oil for a delicious minty twist. For an added delicacy, blend in some cacao nibs — healthy green smoothies have never tasted better! Core Plan approved Advanced Plan approved

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Healthy Vegetable Strata Recipe

Looking for a recipe you can enjoy at breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Try our vegetable strata! A strata is a casserole made with eggs, cheese, and stale cubed bread or hash browns, but MaxLiving’s strata recipe contains cubed Ezekiel bread instead. You can experiment with this veggie strata recipe and use any combination of vegetables

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Grilled Fish Tacos with Baja Slaw Recipe

Baja fish tacos are the perfect summertime meal, or for when you’re craving something tangy and flavorful. Try these easy fish tacos for dinner tonight! This dish can be made with either broiled or grilled salmon, cod, or mahi mahi to suit your preferences.   Core Plan approved Advanced Plan option – place the slaw

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Gluten-Free Pizza Dough Recipe – Low-Carb Pizza

Try out this healthy pizza crust recipe that you can enjoy without the guilt. Customize your dinner creation by topping this almond flour pizza crust with your favorite maximized pizza ingredients, like bell peppers, eggplant, onions, and tomatoes. This recipe also makes the perfect gluten-free pizza base for paleo pizza lovers.

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